BBQ Sauce Safety: What You Need to Know Before You Slather

If you're like most people, you love a good BBQ sauce on your ribs, brisket, or pulled pork. But before you slather that sauce all over your meat, you should know a few things about BBQ sauce safety. Since BBQ sauce safety seems to be of great concerns to many, our experts are more than glad to share their wisdom Continue Reading

All About Gas Fireplaces: Buying Advice

ARE GAS FIREPLACES WORTH IT? Most people spend the majority of their time in only two or three rooms in their home. Here’s a question to ponder? Why run your furnace, that uses 80,000 to 100,000 BTUs of gas, when a gas fireplace will comfortably heat the area you’re normally in, using only 1/4 or 1/3 of the amount of Continue Reading

BBQ: Delicious or Dangerous?

Are BBQ Ribs Healthy? Ah, BBQ ribs. The quintessential summer food. What's not to love? Tender, juicy meat, slathered in tangy, smoky sauce. But let's be real. BBQ ribs aren't exactly health food. They're high in fat and calories, and loaded with sodium. But don't let that stop you from enjoying them. There are ways to make BBQ ribs a Continue Reading

The History of BBQ

Everyone loves to claim their ancestors invented BBQ. For example, American and BBQ are as “American as apple pie” neither of which was invented in the USA1. South Americans natives on the other hand, proudly proclaim the word Barbecue comes from ‘Barbacoa,’ a lattice used to cook and smoke meat. Polynesians will top it by pointing they have been slow Continue Reading

All About Gas Fireplace Inserts: Buying Advice

ARE GAS FIREPLACE INSERTS WORTH IT? That old fireplace in your living room hasn’t cranked out any heat in years. The firebox is decorated with candles, baskets, mirrors and other creative craft projects. Maybe there’s a couch pushed up against it in an attempt to reduce the cold air spilling into the living room. Does any of this sound familiar? Continue Reading

BBQ: From Newbie to Pitmaster in No Time

So, you recently bought or received a new grill/charcoal BBQ*. You can't wait to slap meat on the grill and invite your friends. Unfortunately, your first attempts are 'Meh.' What went wrong? You followed the recipe, after all. * TERM EXPLANATION: Grilling refers to cooking at high temperatures or searing meat. A Grill is typically an outdoor cooking appliance using Continue Reading

How to Stack Cordwood

If you have recently purchased a wood burning fireplace, stove or insert or if you’re a seasoned old wood tick, this article has important details regarding stacking and drying your fuel supply. It’s critical to burn dry wood, but is there a best way to stack and allow wood to dry? Please keep reading to get some valuable tips for Continue Reading

Electric fireplace: How to?

The appeal of an electric fireplace is no surprise. The vibrant colors and lighting effects are truly astounding! They make a wonderful focal point to any room. And, they’re so easy to operate. There can be many questions that come up when discussing electric fireplaces. This is another article that is intended to answer more of those inquiries. CAN AN Continue Reading

Buying Advice for Gas Fireplaces Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the differences between a zero clearance (ZC) gas fireplace, a fireplace insert and a gas log set. In this article, we’ll focus on specific questions regarding ZC gas fireplaces and practical tips along with solid suggestions when shopping for one. ARE GAS FIREPLACES WORTH IT? Both the National Association of Realtors and Continue Reading

How do I get rid of rust on my wood stove?

Whether it’s steel or cast iron, rust on a wood-burning stove can certainly be an eyesore in your home. Rust will detract from the beauty and attractiveness of the appliance. With a little time, a lot of elbow grease and the right products, you can restore that old wood burning stove into one looking like new. START WITH A WIRE Continue Reading

Electric Fireplace : How they Work

Electric fireplaces are more popular than ever. Their beauty, versatility, cleanliness, and performance are truly impressive. In this article, we’ll discuss several frequent questions that often arise when the subject of electric fireplaces comes up. How does an electric fireplace work? Do electric fireplace really heat? How to operate an electric fireplace? How long can you leave any electric fireplace Continue Reading

Buying advice for gas fireplaces, gas inserts & gas logs

This is the first in a series of articles that will provide sound advice if you are planning a building or remodeling project and have plans to include a gas hearth product. To begin with, it’s important to know and understand the differences between a gas fireplace, a gas fireplace insert and a gas log set. These are three distinct Continue Reading

Electric Fireplaces: Accessories

You've purchased an electric fireplace, and you're now wondering about options and accessories to enhance its look. These questions come to mind: What are the manufacturer's offers? Will it improve the appeal and looks of the fireplace? Would any accessories be worth spending a little extra money? This article will give you a perspective on these and other questions. ARE Continue Reading

How to build & install a fireplace mantel

Whether you have an existing fireplace that you’d like to update, or you’re installing a new fireplace as part of a remodeling or building project, a mantel gives that fireplace character and charm. It’s the main stage where precious family photos and mementos are displayed. It’s an extension of you and your lifestyle. Your WE LOVE FIRE® dealer has an Continue Reading

General advice: electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are very popular, and for good reasons. The colored lighting effects, several different media options, super convenient and easy to use are just some of the reasons why electric fireplaces are so prevalent in homes today. If you’re thinking of an electric fireplace for your home, there may be some questions you’ve been contemplating. In this article, we’ll Continue Reading

How fireplaces work ?

There are two types of wood burning fireplaces: masonry and zero-clearance (or factory built) models. How they are built and the components used during installation are different, but the principles of how they work is the same. So, let’s discuss the basics of how a wood burning fireplace operates. THE MOST IMPORTANT DETAIL! Combustion air, firebox size, equipment design and Continue Reading

What’s best … a fireplace, stove or insert?

If you are contemplating adding a new hearth appliance to your home, you have lots of options. Should it be a fireplace, stove or insert? You should also decide whether it’s going to be a wood, gas, electric or pellet model. Let’s talk about the applications of these three types of products, some of their differences and some of the Continue Reading

Electric Fireplace: General Installation

Hello again, in this installment we will answer your questions about installing an electric fireplace. Can I install an electric fireplace in a wall? How to install an electric fireplace? How to install an electric insert? Where to install an electric fireplace? Where to plug in an electric fireplace? Who installs electric fireplaces? What about electric fireplaces near a bathtub? Continue Reading

Are electric fireplaces energy efficient?

With energy costs going up, you may be wondering if an electric fireplace is a good fit for your family. If you’re thinking of an electric fireplace for your home, you undoubtedly have some questions you’d like answered before you buy. Questions like: Are electric fireplaces energy efficient? Are electric fireplaces expensive to run? Will using an electric fireplace save Continue Reading

Which hearth product is right for me?

If you’re thinking about adding a hearth product to your home, you have a few options to consider. There are advantages and disadvantages to a fireplace, stove or an insert. Likewise, pros and cons with the fuel you decide to use. Let’s spend a few minutes discussing what hearth product will suit your needs and lifestyle. FIRST, THINK ABOUT THE Continue Reading

Everything you ever wanted to know about charcoal BBQing but were afraid to ask… Part #2

Here is our second installment on your burning questions about BBQ charcoal. What Is The Best Method To Light Charcoal? We assume without chemicals, right? And by "best" it really depends on your definition. Cheapest method, how fast to ignite, the best value, etc. Here are some time-proven ways to light BBQ charcoal. Paper (newspaper, paper towel, etc.) soaked in Continue Reading

8 Signs That a Chimney Repair Is Needed

I’m too old to get on the roof anymore, so how do I know if any chimney repairs are necessary? Do you know if your chimney is in good condition? Whether you have just moved into your house or living there for a while, you should verify the condition of your chimney periodically. A nationally certified chimney sweep is your Continue Reading

Everything you ever wanted to know about charcoal BBQing but were afraid to ask… Part #1

It seems a burning question on the interweb is all about charcoal BBQing, not about grills, accessories, recipes, etc. but about the charcoal itself. We are glad to edumacate you to make you learn stuff. But first, a tiny bit of history (not super boring): When gas grills started to gain popularity in the ’70s, charcoal grills began their slow Continue Reading

Summer Fireplace Decor Ideas to Prepare for a New Season

The temperature is rising, which means saying goodbye to your beloved fireplace. It's kept you and your family warm and cozy all winter long, but you'll soon have no use for it, right? Wrong! Your fireplace can be the star of the room, regardless of the season. It's already the focal point of your space, so why not get a Continue Reading

How To Prepare My Fireplace For The Off-Season

Whether you use your fireplace, stove, or insert every day or occasionally, end-of-season maintenance items should be done.  Doesn’t matter if it’s wood, gas, or pellets; you’re wise to follow through with these preparations sooner rather than later. Here’s why. INTERESTING STATISTICS According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), about two-thirds of Continue Reading

Top 8 Summer Products

Top 8 Summer Products! We’re excited about these eight products.  After reading about them and seeing them in action, we have a hunch you will be too!

What is The Smart Way To Buy My Fireplace or Stove & Why?

What’s the big deal about buying a new fireplace or stove? Why not just buy the cheapest one you can find at the big box stores or online? Burning gas or burning wood, it really doesn’t matter . . . . after all, they all look the same, they’re all built the same, and all do the same thing, right? Continue Reading

The Perfect Way to Grill Low N’ Slow

Have you heard of low n' slow grilling? Do you enjoy grilling meat that is perfectly tender and literally dripping with flavour? Are you drooling yet? Then this read is for you!

8 Trendy Products for Your Fireplace in 2022

If you are looking for ways to upgrade your fireplace, this guide can help. Here are trendy products to enhance your fireplace in 2022.

How to BBQ for Your Vegan or Vegetarian Friends

Vegan grilling! Tips on how to cook vegan dishes on the grill for your friends and family, while keeping it delicious and simple.

How To Break-In Your New Stove or Fireplace?

Your new fireplace is installed and you can't wait to feel it's heat, but wait! Is there a procedure to follow before enjoying your new wood burning or gas stove? Yes! Read here how to break-in your brand new stove!

Can an Electric Fireplace Damage a TV?

Will heat from the fireplace damage your TV? Do manufacturers approve such installations? Read this article for the answers!

What Fireplace Tools Do I Need?

Heat from a wood burning fireplace is so comforting and brings cozyness to a home. To make this heating method a little easier, here is some tool advice for you.

Can The Glass on My Fireplace Break?

Breaking your fireplace glass is something we definitely want to avoid. But why does a stove or fireplace glass break? You can read here why it may happen and how to keep it from happening!

Are Fireplaces Safe?

Are you scared to cause a house fire if you operate your fireplace? Do not fear your gas or wood stove anymore! Here is the information you need to be confident using your fireplace.

What is a Fireplace Blower?

How essential is a blower on my fireplace or stove?  Does it provide more heat?  Are they noisy?  These are common questions.  For the answer to these and others, keep reading!

How Fireplace Inserts Work

This article will give you a better understanding of how an insert functions and the benefits of installing one in your home.

What Are The Key Points To Installing A Fireplace?

Come and see what there is to consider when you plan on installing your fireplace yourself and what steps to take to complete your project.

How to Paint a Fireplace to Bring It Up-To-Date

Painting a fireplace is a way to bring it up-to-date while respecting your budget. See how to do it based on different types of fireplaces.

Tips For Maintaining Outdoor Fire Features

With colder weather, comes a few more items on your “to do” list. But no worries! Here are our tips for your outdoor fire features maintenance before winter.